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Haría, Oasis of the palms

Tradition is still a very important part of the Canary Islands, especially in the village of Haría in the north of Lanzarote.

The continuation of an ancient tradition is the 4000 palm trees spread about the village. The brochures constantly call Haría, the village of the 1000 palms or Haría the village of 10000 palms. Well, what is it?

On discussing this with the deputy mayor we found there were actually 4000 palms, creating a very Moroccan Oasis-like feel for Haría. The palms are here because of an ancient tradition of planting two trees on the birth of a boy and just one of the birth of a girl, a bit sexist what?

The palm trees actually have many practical uses, from besoms, as used by the local street cleaners, to baskets and hats which are very popular with the tourists. These can be purchased in the Municipal workshops or at the bustling Saturday market, a popular attraction in north Lanzarote.

Beware the spikes though, sometimes the fronds fall from the trees and, if you find yourself under one of these, well…

Theo Finucane Real Lanzarote Assistant manager Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter

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