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Swish new restaurant opens in Haría

Exciting times in sleepy old Haría, north Lanzarote. La Puerta Verde has recently reopened and the stampede to try the chef Nils’s creative offerings is like watching the Wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara but with no fatalities.

The restaurant is a total delight, cosy and friendly with the two waitresses, Edit from Hungary and Maria from Argentina attending the clients with warmth and friendliness.

The menu is very interesting with a fascinating mixture of European and Moroccan influences with daily specials through from the set-lunch menu to a-la-carte dinner.

Clients come from the Casitas, Carmelo and Susi (a tiddily 2-minute walk), Casa del Sol, (4 minutes walk), The Gardens, (5 minutes walk), apts Juan and Patricia, (5-minute drive), Casita de Jaime, (5-minute drive) and the surrounding villages.

Many tourists coming to Haría specifically to visit the house of Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote´s famous architect and artist like to put their feet up for lunch in Puerta Verde and many return for dinner. Not great for the shirt buttons but then, nobody checks their carb intake on holiday. Do they? Rarely for Lanzarote, the menu caters for vegetarians and those with ‘urrggh’ to gluten.

Booking is essential and we at love to do this for our guests because the temptation to try a fine glass of Lanzarote wine is a challenge we fail on a regular basis.

PS. At certain times of the year, Wildebeest is available, curried I believe.

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