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Discover North Lanzarote

"For me, Lanzarote was the most beautiful place on Earth … then I made it a point to show Lanzarote to the world."


César Manrique

The beautiful north of Lanzarote is relatively unknown and totally unspoilt. Because of occasional rainfall during the winter months – December through till April – the landscape is awash with brilliant flowers, blues, yellows, violets and pinks, plus, of course, the cochineal cactus, a local industry producing the dye. A total contrast to the more desert-like features of the south (in its own right spectacular), the difference is amazing.

The summer is virtually the same as the south, warm, dry and sunny, tempered by the fresh breezes blowing off the north Atlantic. Winter a few degrees lower, ideal for walking in the countryside or sitting reading on the beaches, both virtually deserted. Jumpers though, definitely a necessity at night if eating al fresco.

As the north is resort-free the traveller has to be a little more self-contained and adventurous, but everything is here.


Rolling unspoilt countryside for rambling, seaside tapas bars full of friendly locals, fresh fish restaurants overlooking the crystal-clear north Atlantic, safe sandy beaches. Something for everyone.

Also in the north are many of the attractions designed by one of Lanzarote’s famous sons, Cesar Manrique:

  • Jameos del Agua, a natural cave converted into an astonishing restaurant and concert hall with near-perfect acoustics.

  • Cuevas de los verdes, an underground extension of Jameos, which runs for miles up to the highest volcano on the island, Monte Corona.

  • Mirador del rio, a viewpoint overlooking the stunning island of La Graciosa.

  • The Cactus Garden with 200 varieties of cactus, from colorful miniatures to the Mojave Desert look-alikes.

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