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Honeymooning in Lanzarote

What a treat we had last week, a honeymoon couple came to stay in Casa Teresita and one of their priorities before booking (apart from the obvious) was a fully-functioning kitchen! The reason being, they own a smashing restaurant in London called Blackfoot, specialising in pork dishes and (apart from the obvious) they had some experimenting to do and they´d heard that pork in Lanzarote was exceptional.

Megan is also a graphic designer/photographer and wished to utilise the extraordinary light of Lanzarote to buff up her portfolio.

Their word skills though were limited, they said things like ´fabulous renovation´, ´awesome kitchen´, ´the coolest photographic light´, ´Real Lanzarote, the bollocks´. I made up that last bit…

More feedback from our visitors


Our most romantic holiday ever

Alex and Robert


It was awesome and what a blissful pool

Christian, Jen and Maxi


It looked expensive but it just wasn’t!

Robin and Julie


An amazing week, we WILL be back

George and Alex



Alfonso and Anna


Thank you Real Lanzarote, a fabulous treat

Charlotte and Kat


You take care of us and the villa is incredible

Harry and Lorraine


Spacious, opulent, rather wonderful

Denis and Doris


Bellisima, bellisima, bellisima!

Christiana, Danielli and Raffaello

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