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Hurricane Joachim

Hurricanes quite often flow past the south-east coast of Lanzarote, Arrieta, Haria and so on but rarely hit the island. For that reason we´re often treated to large vessels parking up (not too nautical me) in the little bay in Arrieta as a safe haven. Hence, for the photographers amongst us enjoying the exceptional light of can wander the deserted La Garita beach at sunrise and snap away to produce award-winning photos. Recently though, in 2006, Hurricane Delta DID veer west and hit the island causing millions of euros-worth of damage and was exceptionally scary at the same time. It shook us up and reinforced our feeling of safety of living in Haría where bad weather is something called a heavy shower and a low of 14c. At night. But, without some moisture in the air, where would the unusually pretty skies come from? enjoys the beauty many other people can only see in National Geographic Magazine and, almost every day. Well, in the winter. Haría, Maguez, Arrieta, Orzola are stand-out locations, which is why many creative people settle down here in our villas and apartments, a pocket of interesting folk puzzling at their luck. we hope it never becomes a big-time resort, we shall overcome 🙂 Moral, ´always have you camera handy´ and be amazed. And a bottle opener for Lanzarote wine…

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