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The island of Lanzarote (unlike mainland Europe), has a chronic water problem, there is almost no rainfall. Going back through the decades, the Lanzaroteans gleaned their water from the little that fell during the winter months.

A very smart water-gathering system was built into all the old houses on the island in the form of wells (aljibes), and combined with the flat-roof but angular designs of the houses, sends the rainwater water down into the below-ground aljibes.

These aljibes are very well built, as they have to be, and is testament to the traditional building skills and resourcefulness of the local Canarians.

Indeed the art gallery in Haría in the village square, here in the north of Lanzarote is in fact an old aljibe, beautifully spacious and perfect for displaying the artwork of local artists and photographers.

Of course Haría is a very inspirational part of the island as it´s where our favourite Lanzarotean Cesar Manrique, spent his last years and indeed is buried in the local cemetary.

The quality of the artwork is very high, I guess because it´s Cesar´s patch and his presence is everywhere, a kind of Art master looking over their creative shoulders.

On your next trip to the north of Lanzarote make sure you drop by the Art Gallery, you´ll be pleasantly surprised and inspired.

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