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Sunday bikers

The village of Haría is considered a sleepy little hollow. But not on Sundays, the day the bikers from all over the island arrive for breakfast and chat in the local coffee bar.

They generally arrive at about 11.00 am, fill the square with noise, slap backs, chew the cud and prepare to continue their ride around the island.

One little boy who is a regular and, at present, a scooter rider, cannot contain himself with the size and beauty of the variety of machinery on show shouting ´los motos´ (the bikes), every time the bikers rev up their expensive machinery, he´ll probably be a mechanic or a racing rider one day, it´s his destiny!

By lunchtime, the square returns to its sleepiness, one last BANG and REV and the bikers are gone…….till next week. It´s a wonderful sight whether or not you´re a fan of motorbikes.

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