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A major pleasure of living in Lanzarote is the pure joy of a coffee or two first thing in the morning. The choice is small, thank goodness, the measures are sensible, Costa Coffee please take note and the winner is……..NOT expensive.

Indeed here in the north, Haría, Arrieta etc, we expect to pay between 80/90 cents for a cortado (see pic) and €1.20 for a café con leche.

Unfortunately I´m one of those fussy folk who has never got to grips with the expression ´as it comes´. For me and my wife, it must be hot with heated-up milk, strong and it MUST make one raise one´s face to the skies and shout ´hallelujah´, a bit like when ´Harry met Sally´.

A favourite style of coffee here in Lanzarote is cortado con leche condensada, a strong espresso with about a quarter of an inch of condensed milk which, when absolutely correct, truly becomes When Harry met Sally. But when the proportions are not quite right the taste is disgusting and makes one want to jump into a volcano and there are plenty of those here in north Lanzarote 🙂

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