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One of our greatest pleasures living in Lanzarote and especially the north, Haria, Maguez, Arrieta etc is the proximity of traditional restaurants.

Having spent a zillion years living and working in Soho, London and the requirement of dining out with clients on a regular basis developed unhealthy eating and drinking habits. Delicious but… It was THE most pleasureable experience when landing on these shores to feast on fresh fish (or mussels, prawns and their mates) with salad and simple Canary-island potatoes, 1-0 for the digestive system and El Amanacer in Arrieta.

Also close by here in north Lanzarote are many restaurants specialising in Canarian tapas, many vegetable and pulse dishes, extremely healthy as this diet is designed for all-day nutrician and protection against the fierce Lanzarote sun.

Sadly, the insidious ´fast-food´ element is creeping in, price-dictated of course as we are still in deep recession here as hotel and apt building has ground to a halt and the tourists (increased numbers), are holed up in the all inclusives. Unfortunately, the all-inclusive element of tourism is very healthy (for the hotel owners) but, the eat-as-much-as-you-like offer is very carbohydrate based, a lot of pasta Mamma. Free but…………**** fill in the gaps 🙂

And these tourists don´t see the island, nor enjoy the fabulous restaurant foods here on offer.

Nor enjoy Cesar Manrique´s joys.

Nor meet the friendly Canarian people, especially here in north Lanzarote.

Sorry, that´s me digressing because I love this island… Anyway tonight, I think fresh fish and crisp Lanzarote wine is in order 🙂

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