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El Lago

This restaurant on the cusp of Arrieta and Punta Mujeres in the north of Lanzarote has long been a favourite of ours. Yet somehow Marco, the head of everything has improved the service, the cleanliness, the efficiency and the food.

Quite often over a period of time restaurants dip just a little bit but El Lago has gone in the opposite direction, which is why we are blogging it again.

Marco has been a family friend since forever, well since he was a young man, he´s the kind of bloke we would all be proud to have as a son, kind, funny, thoughtful and bloody hard working.

So should you come and stay with Real Lanzarote for say, seven days, one of those days should (in our opinion), include a trip to El Lago.

A new discovery for us was morning coffee, brilliant sea views, not busy and excellent coffee!

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