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This is one of the jolliest restaurants in Arrieta and indeed Lanzarote.

Settled right by the sea, the obvious speciality is fresh fish caught right alongside your table out of the sparkling north Atlantic and magical seafood, mussels, prawns, clams and so on.

They do of course cater for the carnivores and my wife, a meat ripper, ensures me the quality of fillet steak is first class, exceptionally tender and flavoursome.

The waiters are many and very friendly, always ready with jokes (very old ones), kind and experts on the food being supplied. The same goes for the wines, many of which are produced on the island, some from the north, some from the south. The portions are healthy and the prices incredibly reasonable, London and Paris prices and portions they are not 🙂

Probably the best fish restaurant in the Haría region, early arrival recommended.

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