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EL LAGO – Restaurant

This exquisite restaurant is fringed on Arrieta/Punta Mujeres in the Municipality of Haria and has a cheeky little location overlooking the glimmering north Atlantic ocean.

Well, to be honest, there is a road between it and the ocean but because travel volume has yet to equal the UK in the forties, the minimal traffic (bicycles, donkies, fitness locos and the odd tiddly Fiat), provide entertainment rather than an annoyance.

Of course the speciality is fresh fish but other treats include excellent meat dishes and seafood like many restaurants here on north Lanzarote.

The waiters are knowledgeable and friendly and some even speak El Lingo Spanglish.

The man in charge is Marco, a family friend of many years who on hearing my name might run and hide or even serve you well, flip a coin time. No, he´s a smashing young man.

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