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Ouch, presents to buy, mega important-food shopping, meat for the table, Brussels sprouts (unlikely here), parsnips, (possibly), wine…..of course.

Oh yes, ‘Advocaat for the egg nog’, says our daughter, our intrepid gatherer of passport stamps, popping by for a Christmas and new year knees up here in Haría, north Lanzarote.

And, Christmas cards plopping through the front door. Right on the day, who has space in their life for writing those during this craaazy time of year? Does everyone feel that guilt, blimey, pass the egg nog…………….FAST.

Thankfully, the mayhem of a pre-Christmas shop hasn’t hit Lanzarote yet and lovely weather for the shopping trip, sunny and warm, no traffic, bingo!

The commercial side is catching on…….. of course, and how the Canarians, still struggling with the financial crisis manage is a mystery? And that’s just the Three Kings, now it’s Christmas too.

But, the island (thanks to recent rains), is bursting with fruit and vegetables which is sensibly augmenting the family food budget. The soil is so rich and, with the picon (volcanic grains), covering the ground as protection for the roots from the sun and, at the same time, drip-feeding nutrients into the soil. Much of the surrounding countryside, until recently, empty lands, are producing peas, potatoes, strawberries, melons, mangoes, you name it, to be shared amongst the family to help keep the family fit and healthy and out of the penury courts.

We will of course manage somehow, one always does and then we say, ‘that was bit bloody stupid, who really cares?‘ Well kids do and that’s why we love it.


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