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San Juan

June in the normally sleepy Canarian village of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, magically comes alive to celebrate the patron saint of the village, San Juan.

Whilst mainly a religious celebration, the village of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, buzzes with events through the month of June with all manner of activities such as sports events, concerts and lifetime achievement awards.

The festivities reach their peak on the 23rd of June, with fireworks and the burning of the dummy in a giant municipal bonfire where the mystical Devils dance around it to worship a mysterious energy.

The locals light their own bonfires and use the opportunity to burn junk to get rid of the negative energy of the past and start a clean slate, celebrating with small gatherings of family and friends.

The village doesn’t go back to sleep after the bonfires though and in true Canarian style the celebrations end on a high note among the partygoers over the next few days with a series of concerts and street parties in the town square of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote.

And after that….summer 🙂

All great fun and a great time to visit the beautiful village of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote.

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San Juan


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