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TASCA DE LITA – Restaurant

This restaurant is a new surprise up here in the north of Lanzarote. It’s actually an Italian restaurant but part of the deal when Roberto and Erica took over the restaurant was to keep the name of the previous old Canarian owner who is now retired and knitting winter woollies… no idea?

Roberto and Erica are true Italians, friendly and open and the food is delizioso and who doesn’t want a change from fresh fish? And who doesn’t love a fresh pizza and a glass of fabulous red?

We recommend an evening here because the ambiance is super special. Erica is craaazy but in a very charming way and sets the tone for a fun experience.

The menu is varied and Roberto is always experimenting and will even cook special meals should they be requested (a bit of notice is always a winner), it gives him pleasure as cooking is his calling, our calling is eating so we’re kind-of family separated at birth.

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