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Markets come in all shapes and sizes, busy, bustling, overcrowded or sensitive and relaxing. The market in Haría has been very slow growing and retains its sense of calm and friendliness which fits the gentle pace of the village as a whole.

No pushy ‘genuine’ Rolex watches or top quality T-shirts, ‘the real thing’ which makes cruising and price checking a stress-free experience.

The stall holders are a mixed bag of mainland Spanish, local Canarians, German bread makers and Canarian cheese makers, even a ‘knit one, pearl one’ lady from the Fatherland knitting huge sweaters for the winter months in northern Europe. There are Mexicans, Cubans, Argentinians, seamlessly fitting into the Canarian vibe, their friendly banter visually describing the relaxed nature of their relationships with one another, very infectious.

We’ve lived in this friendly society for 21 years and are still thrilled at the civilised way everyone is treated here in Lanzarote, always with a smile and a courteous manner.

The market is a Saturday morning stroll and very uplifting, want a coffee? No problem, fish and salad? No problem, stilts walkers? Totally ok, just stand (or sit) back and enjoy the entertainment of a contented people, didn’t we used to have that back home in our major cities’?

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