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Springtime in northern Lanzarote

Some say the best time of year and that is difficult to dispute. After a winter of the odd cold spell but mostly sunny, warm and gentle, March and April have had some heatwaves. This is due to the occasional visit from the Calima winds from Africa, just up the road, 70 miles away over the north Atlantic.

And it´s veggie time!

By great good fortune, as the temperatures rise in Haría, north Lanzarote, so do the breezes, keeping the hot weather agreeable, indeed it´s still possible for it to be a bit nippy during the evenings, known as ´the perfect climate´ for very good reason. Beach during the daytime and dining by the pool or sea in the evening, muy bueno as they regularly say here.

Having said that, for the sporty it´s still possible to go potty, wind surfing, running, cycling, all happening in a seemingly parallel universe. Lanzarote and especially in the northern hills (torture for us), the climate allows for the stress and strain of activity to be balanced by a chilled glass of Lanzarote wine, still chasing the wine awards judges round the tasting table. Salut.

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