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Jameos del Agua

Dining in an art museum is not what one would expect during a holiday in Lanzarote, an island blessed with sun, sea, sand… and culture.

It´s a tough task determining a favourite from the many spectacular César Manrique attractions in Haría, the north of Lanzarote but, Jameos del Agua is not only spectacular but houses a magnificent restaurant which, if existing in any major city in the world, you´d struggle to get a table.

The sensitive lighting, discreetly hidden behind established, exotic plants demonstrates the simplicity which is the art form of this fabulous, Lanzarote-born architect/painter designer.

At 10.30pm on Saturdays you can enjoy a wonderful local band, consisting of electric guitarist, electric timple player, keyboard and saxophonist playing a variety of different genres of music with enthusiasm and flair.

Quite astonishing really considering that just outside is the rocky coastline being caressed by the north Atlantic Ocean, music on a lump of volcanic rock, the heartbeat of this wonderful island, especially in the north!

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