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Coming home from a two-day holiday on Tenerife last week, we were struck (again) by the wonderful influence Cesar Manrique has had on Lanzarote, especially in the north of the island and Haría in particular.

Tenerife is a beautiful island with astonishing variety but, in the recently-developed parts of the island, the mish-mash approach to architecture just looked so sad and unnecessary. Their Government could have learnt so much from the high, but simple standards Cesar had established here.

A mixture of all-inclusive and rural accommodation is perfectly feasible, the money-at-all cost approach is self-defeating, there is room for both.

The cement centres of all inclusive has its place but shouldn´t disguise the fact that the Canary Islands are an astonishing grouping of fascinating diversity.

Displaying the beauty sends a better message, especially for the traveller who wishes to see more than Sky sports and Jumbo sausage delights at €2.50 a pop.

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