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Cesar Manrique, The Saviour of Lanzarote

Today César would have become 97 years old and oh how the island of Lanzarote misses him. Especially here in the north of the island and in particular Haría where he spent his final years. The house where he last lived is now a museum and on a daily basis, his admirers from all over Europe flock to pay their respects and admire his unique and Lanzarote-sensitive skills.

Cesar Manrique Museo Casa - Haria

Without a doubt, had not César prohibited high-rise buildings and ‘any-colour-you-like’ painted houses Lanzarote could have easily have become a Lloret del Mar but it hasn’t, RIP César and thank you for your intelligent sensitivity, you’ve left a lasting legacy, Real Lanzarote.

For me, Lanzarote was the most beautiful place on earth … then I made it a point to show Lanzarote to the world.César

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