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Spring is sprung

No one enjoys a downpour on an island that is famous for its Sahara-like dryness but fruit trees, veggies and flowers love it.

After lying dormant for many months since the last sprinkles hit, a whole variety of colourful blooms leap with joy at the prospect of waving around in the March winds.

At this time of year in north Lanzarote, there’s a hell of a lot of waving going on, pink, gold, yellow, blue and many hues within that pretty spectrum.

That brings the butterflies, bees, moths, chased down by a bewitching band of bird brothers squabbling excitedly for the spoils. Haría is an artist’s palette for photographers and artists.

Trekkers send the signals down the line so those who get excited by the prospect of natural life bubbling on the surface grab their walking shoes, paints, brushes, easels and cameras and head up north.

Come and see Real Lanzarote at its best, its beautiful!

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