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The municipality of Haría in the north of Lanzarote is home to many interesting folks from all over who prefer a more tranquil approach to life, painters, musicans etc, a mini Bohemia, if you will.

One of these is a characterful woman from the Basque Country called Olga who works at the local school tending the gates. Her arms are always open for the little ones as they pour out of the classrooms, she´s wildly loved by those tiddlers from 5 years to 15, a real personality.

She is also a keen photographer and sometimes holds photographic exhibitions although she is extremely modest about her work. When someone asks her for the price of one of her pics, she throws her arms out wide ´no idea´,

She has red hair and is a real character. She loves a good natter with just about anybody and I’ve enjoyed many a morning coffee with her. Lucky me.

If you see her and mention that you know us, she just might join you and be late for work.

So just talk to her if you see her and get a taste of the craziness of Haría.

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