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Painter’s market

A wonderful little initiative in the village square, a painter’s market. On the first Wednesday of every month, 4 to 8 painters set up stalls displaying their artwork, giving the normally sleepy square a colourful twist.

Lanzarote is home to dozens of painters, who are inspired by the sheer beauty of the island, not least the village of Haría.

I know 2 of the artists, Josè Luis and Marta, both from mainland Spain, very talented and lovely people. It’s a pleasure to know them and watch them paint.

We at commissioned Marta to paint our latest advertising material because we think her friendly, open style represented the north of Lanzarote and more pertinently the little town of Haría. Someone you know might have picked one up.

These two also have stalls at the Saturday market. Well worth a look, they deserve more recognition. As do the other painters, they are all equally talented.

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