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Art is a subjective emotion and many Europeans come to Lanzarote boasting creative skills from their homelands but the reality often is, their talent is ordinary and they hope to stand out on this little island to make a living or… become famous

I have been lucky enough to have worked with many supremely talented people back in London when working in the advertising world. I own up immediately to having no creative skills at all except designing, with my wife, our small apartment complex, Casita Carmelo and Casita Susi –

But here in the north of Lanzarote (plus many other parts), are some very gifted Artisans. One such is a man, Aurelio, famed for his dry-stone building work, there is much of his work all around the Haría and the surrounding villages.

But now he has turned his hand to carving fish from volcanic stone, which are stunning and luckily for us he has just carved a large fish, weighing 6 kilos and we LOVE large objects, example displayed here. Creating a personality in a painting or carving is a delicate skill and these fish look fresh out of the sea, good enough to grill.

On your next visit allow some baggage weight.

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