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January in northern Europe usually disenjoys cold, wet and grey weather with the odd sprinkling of humid warmth caused by the madness of crops of low pressure eloquently described on’t telly.

To our amazement, summer hasn’t really left us here in Haría, northern Lanzarote. Well we had very heavy rains in Oct 2015 (two days), which vitalised the countryside, enhancing the extraordinary, natural beauty of Lanzarote, especially up in farming central, Maguez and Haría.

From memory we had wall-to-wall blue sky from mid-Oct until early Jan with midday temperatures of 30 degrees and, with the clear skies comes overnight dew as the temperatures plummet to 11/12 degrees at night.

For us gardeners that´s great news, all the plants get a thorough soaking the natural way, similar to the watering system in La Geria, the wine-growing area of Lanzarote.

Whilst we are used to having lovely weather in the winter with the odd cloudy day and occasional sprinkle, we could certainly get used to this!

Our guests are so impressed with this ‘high summer’ extravaganza many are already booking for next year, ‘Haría is just the most beautiful village in the Canary Islands, so peaceful and friendly‘, they say, after 21 years living here I say, ‘we´ll drink to that‘.

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