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Daily Telegraph

Very interested to read in today’s Daily Telegraph (click here) that Lanzarote is the top winter holiday destination.

No surprises here though, it´s why we came to Lanzarote in the first place in 1979 for a November blast of sunshine. In fact the holiday accommodation in north Lanzarote is tailor made for the traveller looking for beautiful winter weather.

And, if the weather does turn inclement it doesn’t really matter because, when the sun dips behind a cloud, there are stacks of fascinating, cultural and culinary avenues to discover. All within 15 minutes of your holiday villa or apartment is Jameos del Agua, Los cuevos de la Verde, the Mirador del Rio, the Cactus garden, Cesar Manrique´s house in Haría, now a museum, not to mention fabulous restaurants and all at crazily inexpensive prices.

During the 80’s Lanzarote was given a bad name by an idiotic travel journalist who gained great pleasure by coining a stupid handle for the island (shan’t mention it here) and it has taken many years to recover and reinstate its true position in the holiday world as No 1.

Allright, it was Michael Palin who I love but honestly Michael, what were you thinking? I don´t really read or believe travel journalists because it’s often in their interest to write favorably to secure their free holiday but, just ask a local aficionado, ME and you’ll get the true goss on what’s real and what’s not.

I often get asked to tailor-make a holiday here in the north for my guests, no probs there but blimey, how long are you coming for? It truly is an island with everything for everybody and totally not a boring holiday island. Honest!

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